About US

welcome to PassCode International Company

passcode expertise brings numerous innovations to market and offers premier-quality services to all of our current and future customers

We are providing superior customer service, offer a wide variety of product selection, and increase the amount of product available to customers.







 passcode Company currently specializes in water purification system and related apparatus. We are dedicated to providing top-quality laboratory pure water products at the most competitive prices, offering the best service to our customers. We are providing the finest whole-house water treatment systems for families like yours.

With water softening and purification products ranging from the small, portable water filtration systems for homes and apartments, to larger treatment systems for factories, hotels and hospitals, passcode continually strive to produce the world's finest water for businesses and homes alike. With better quality water you can see, taste and feel, the quality difference is clear. Quality of Life - A Global Commitment

Our Vision, Mission and Goals

Our vision is to provide foundations for society's future. Our mission is to be the world's most respected and attractive company in our industry - creating value for all our stakeholders. Our goals are to:

* Continually set the highest standards of customer satisfaction in our industry

* Secure the strongest competitive position in our markets

* Partner with suppliers to deliver value-for-cost procurement for the Group and our customers

* Be recognized as an employer of first choice

* Empower our employees and integrate them fully into our global network

* Demonstrate our commitment to sustainable development

* Be acknowledged as a valued and trusted partner in our community


Our Strategy

passcode aspires to be the most respected and attractive company in the market - creating value for all our stakeholders. Our strategy is based on three pillars: focusing on the core business, geographical diversification and balancing business responsibility between local and global leadership.


Our Target

To build total brand Value faster, better and more completely than our competition. To be the preferred and most trusted resource for the products and services that enhances consumer’s life.


Our Values

* Trust

Reliable & credible we are a trustable & a reliable partner to each of our stakeholders, we believe that fairness, honesty, transparency & integrity are the basis for trust & success. Love Care, passion, positive feelings we love what we do and strive to enable our stakeholders to do what they want.

* Excellence

We strive to achieve excellence in everything we do such that we meet or exceed our stakeholders' expectations, and because we truly care, we are always keen on improving ourselves through attention to each detail.

* Empowerment

We enable our stakeholders to achieve their goals.

* Innovation

We utilize innovative products, services and solutions to exceed our stakeholders' expectations.

* Fun

We believe that our products, services, and way of doing business should enable our customers and employees to enjoy life.

* Efficiency

We strive to do things better and faster in a more efficient manner. Vision to be the number one provider of modern life needs, Mission enriching our customers' lives and satisfying our stakeholders